When we talk about Translation, we are talking about a complex and delicate process that is precisely defined in the details that make it up. Indeed, it is not just a matter of grammatical and syntactical research or the use of the correct terminology, to TRANSLATE means to grasp the nuances of the text in question, giving the translation the same strength and meaning that the text has in the source language.

    We follow our clients carefully, selecting the most suitable translator for the job, native speaker of the target language, giving and receiving feedback from and to the client both during and after the job. We offer translations into all languages and in various fields other than the literary to technical sectors. We provide the service of sworn translation and legalization.

    Interpreting services

    We provide simultaneous, consecutive or chuchotage multilingual interpreting by professionals with proven experience and qualification. We consider the most suitable type of interpreting according to the client's needs, giving support and advice. We offer rental services of translation equipment and headphones. Our services are available for meetings, congresses, business meetings, business trips abroad and legal and medical consulting.

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