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Do you love shopping at the airport before you leave? Are you often in a hurry and would you like to be able to park safely near the terminal?
With our parking service you can book your car parking space for your trips at an exclusive price.



Comfortable parking has never been easier!
Naples International Airport offers excellent and convenient solutions for users who want to leave their car directly at the airport, speeding up transit times on departure and arrival.
Several solutions to make your trip pleasant at reduced rates for those who download the attached voucher.
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    Malpensa Airport

    Serious, Convenient and Safe: here is Eco Parking, a car park that offers its customers high quality standards and precise guarantees of safety.

    Open and controlled 365 days a year, open 7 days a week, it is just 5 minutes from the airport and offers a free shuttle service to and from the airport

    Equipped with all the services that can make you leave with peace of mind: from the ‘total scanner’ of the car to the entrance to the parking lot thanks to 5 high-resolution cameras to the possibility of an ecological washing inside and outside of your car during parking.





      Easy parking: the official parking of Aeroporti di Roma, convenient, safe, close.
      Various solutions are proposed, from the Terminal A-B-C-D car parks, located directly in front of the terminals, a few minutes away from the covered treadmill, to the Long-stay Covered and Uncovered car parks for those who do not want to give up comfort and savings.
      Finally, for those who prefer a solution in total relaxation and comfort, which guarantees a pleasant journey from the moment you stop, here is the Executive parking T3 and T1. Video surveillance with direct and covered passage to the terminal with other advantages such as welcome coffee, daily newspaper at car delivery, reserved privileges on catering at the airport, and the collection of Alitalia Miles, as well as the possibility to request hand washing, refuelling  and other services for your car.
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      For those who want to park on the multi-storey car park there is a new Hello Sky lounge that not only offers all the services of a lounge inside but also 29 rooms in a 4-star hotel.  Customers can reach the terminals in a couple of minutes via the treadmills.



        The Bologna-Borgo Panigale Airport (IATA: BLQ, ICAO: LIPE) named after the physicist and inventor Guglielmo Marconi, is about 6 km from the city centre. It is the main stopover of Emilia-Romagna and one of the main airports in Italy, in constant growth thanks to its strategic geographic position strengthened by the  high-speed railway lines.
        In 2018, with 8,506,658 passengers, it was the eighth busiest Italian airport.
        In 2019 Bologna Airport offered 104 destinations (served by more than 50 airlines), in particular 13 domestic, 87 international and 4 intercontinental destinations (Emirates), Philadelphia International (American Airlines), Cape Verde and Boa Vista (Neos Air).
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        The airport offers a convenient parking in front of the terminal with different and convenient solutions for those who want to leave with peace of mind!
        Close, cheap, safe!’




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